The Food

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The Food

My clients receive customized chef services delivered directly to their door—the perfect solution to “home-cooked” meals for busy families and individuals alike. Each meal comes ready to heat and eat. While I tailor my services to meet individual needs and schedules, I typically provide 2-3 dinners, plus snacks, delivered  once a week.

I specialize in preparing immune-supportive meals packed with omega-3 oils, probiotics, whole grains and lots of fresh veggies, of course. I’m known for working with special dietary needs—gluten- and lactose-free, vegan, pre- and postnatal nutrition, and anti-inflammatory diets. I take inspiration from the foods and traditions associated with each season to make creative meals for the whole family.

I buy produce from local organic farms and use only the highest quality animal products: grass-fed beef; pastured eggs; and hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken. I am committed to preparing nutrient-rich food that is sourced and cooked with the highest level of integrity.

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Cooking is a craft. To be great at it, one must understand food: what it’s made of, where it comes from, the value it offers to the human body, it’s character. I can say with confidence, that Jen is a master craftsman when it comes to food. Dishing up delightful meals that are surprising, inventive and deeply nutritious, Jen has mastered the art of combining healthy ingredients in endless ways that make it a pleasure to eat well.

– Todd Holcomb, personal chef client

I just wanted to let you know how nice it is for me to be able to have real food at home. What you are preparing is tasting so different and so good in comparison to what I am used to eating lately.  I think I had forgotten what fresh food tastes like.

– David Griffin, personal chef client

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